Inspiration Convention

Thank You!!
to all who played a part in this year's success!!
photos are on their way ...

please revisit our website soon
to see images of some of the magic that happened

September 19 - 21, 2014
a weekend of workshops, camaraderie and personal time

for people who want to make a difference

 Gather ~ Connect ~ Co-Inspire ~ Collaborate ~




Often invited to travel & play worldwide, Brenda will share her unique blend of original folk-inspired melodies, world beats and sacred Indian devotional chants with us!  We are honoured to have Brenda open our weekend gathering.

She is joyful and inspiring!

Join us!

listen to Brenda here

Confirmed facilitators!! 

 Tanya Williams

Charged with leading us through an experiential exploration that will hold in focus our intentions of CONNECT & CO-INSPIRE ... 

 Sandra Kahale

A dynamic workshop leader, Sandra will help us to CONNECT with our tribe and to cultivate an effective culture of COLLABORATION.  She'll also inspire us into ACTION!

                                           learn more about Sandra here

  Suzanne Jarvis

An inspired up-cycle sculptor, Suzanne will playfully inspire our minds, hearts and fingers to CONNECT & CO-INSPIRE early on in Inspiration Convention's weekend programming.

see more about Suzanne here


Shelley Hannah

Originator of Inspiration Convention, Shelley is a Life Coach and Community Events Organizer.  She's also an artist and tree-house builder and will lead us boldly into new worlds of CO-INSPIRATION and COLLABORATION.

                       learn more about Shelley here

 Ayrlie MacEachern

is a dancer, artist facilitator, expressive arts facilitator, kundalini yoga teach and creator of conscious creative community wherever she is.   She will create a safe space for us to CONNECT deeply to ourselves, each other and so much more.

                            learn more about Ayrlie here

Elisha MacMillan

Elisha believes in the power of dance to manifest, heal, strengthen community, and (re)connect us with our inner JOY! She comes to Inspiration Convention as a Certified Professional Business & Life Coach, Sociologist & Healer.  Elisha will move us further into our intentions of CONNECTION and also COLLABORATION.

                           learn more about Elisha here


a weekend retreat for people inspired to connect and to work together to make a difference

meet others interested in making a difference.

connect & co-inspire

see what magic transpires

when people get together

with an intention to have an impact



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