About the Inspiration Convention

mission statement:

We gather to connect, co-inspire and collaborate on projects that move hearts, inspire new realms of possibility, and to play a part in consciously choosing how humanity evolves.  We are building encouraging and supportive relations between people to make it easier for many to choose to make a difference.



To grow hope and inspired action in the world. and to have fun doing it!




           Behind the scenes ~        Who We Are

 How it started ...

 Shelley Hannah,                 Life Coach & 'inspirateur' of Invention Convention

as she tells it ...

Inspiration Convention was not so much an idea I had as an idea that had me!   It implored me to 'do something', and to do it before the end of 2012.  Gather ~ Connect ~ Co-Inspire ~ Collaborate ~ Act!

 and so I did ...

   I love being in the company of people who want to make a difference! 


Let's join forces! What are we waiting for?

The adventure of our life awaits!

visit www.shelleyhannah.ca     for more details about the fullness of her life of service.     

 Today ...

We are a team:

Shelley Hannah,

Is a life coach, facilitator, artist-creator, ideas person and entrepreneur. I have over 20 years of experience supporting people of ages ranging from 4 to 84 one-on-one and in groups through my work as a life coach, community events organizer, workshop designer and facilitator, art camp entrepreneur as well as through events and organizations including Inspiration Convention, Big Heart Dance Camp, Outward Bound, Ship for World Youth, Katimavik, National Coalition-Building Institute and more.

"I remind people who they really are - integral and beautiful parts to a big old crazy, illusory, paradoxical whole, and encourage them to express that fully.  I am most deeply inspired by beauty – in nature, in people, in situations, and choose adventure, creativity and fun as my life’s compass settings."

If it’s not fun, it’s not my path!


 Ayrlie MacEachern

is a dancer, an artist facilitator & an expressive arts therapist.  She teaches weekly dance classes & has been facilitating creative based experiences for all ages - in schools, on weekend retreats, in day-long workshops, camps & classes.            Her passion is to hold safe & supportive spaces where people of all ages come together to co-create & grow.  She aspires to contribute to an inclusive, dynamic & peace-full world where the real juice comes from the blending of the diversity of age, geography, culture & creative medium.                                                      What inspires her is witnessing people's creativity in action.  What is unique about her work as an artist facilitator is the wide range of ages & artistic media that she plays with in primarily rural settings.


Chris VanderHout

Is a community leader & visionary entrepreneur.

Dan Ferguson

Is an inspiring human being, having recently survived and embraced the gifts of a stroke. 


And we are grateful for the help of ...

          many in our community who have supported and participated in Inspiration Conventions since 2012

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