Registration 2016

Welcome!  We're glad you've chosen to join us!!

Here's what to do:

1. Fill out the registration form below.  Hit the 'submit' button.  It will return you to this page.

2. Figure out how much you'll pay for your registration/s:

     Full weekend: sliding scale, pay what you can afford: $150- $385 per person

     Friday or Saturday evening, sliding scale: $25-$50 per person, per evening

     Sunday afternoon: by donation

     *Other combinations are possible too. Contact us to vet them with us.

     Bursary contribution: contribute to some or all of someone else's registration, if you are able & so inspired!  It helps widen our community circle ... and leaves you feeling good too!  Thanks so much!

3. Hit the 'Pay Now' button to pay & complete your registration.  You can expect a Welcome email with further information within 24 hours.  Congratulations!

4. Notice the serendipities that arise in your life to support your intentions!


Yes! Count me in!

If coming for the weekend, which meal/ snack team would you prefer to be on?

If you are coming for the weekend, where will you be over-nighting:

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