Speaker Series- what to expect


The evening begins with a warm Welcome

from Shelley Hannah, local life coach and community organizer.

She invites attendees to voluntarily introduce themselves and for a few to share what drew them out to the event.

It's a way of creating a loving container into which both the 'conversation host' and guest speaker are invited and introduced.


The evening unfolds 'conversation-style',

as an interviewer asks questions of our guest, drawing out interesting and inspiring elements of the guest's story.  Audience members are welcome to ask their own questions also.

A break with light refreshments follows the conversation.


The evening wraps up with large group sharing.

Those that wish to stay are invited to come together to share the insights that they took from the evening's conversation & any other reflections that might help them or others on their journey towards an ever more fulfilling life.


Admission is by donation in order to make this event accessible to all who wish to attend.  Having said that, each evening incurs costs of approximately $200-250, and so generous donations are appreciated in order to have the series be on-goingly self-sustaining.


Thank you for your interest!

We look forward to seeing you out

and appreciate your spreading the word!

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