Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions:

Exploring Inspiration

Visual Art with Suzanne Jarvis  | Saturday morning

description soon on it's way. check in again soon!


Follow the Golden Thread

with Tanya Williams  | Saturday morning

Join In this movement-body-sensing workshop, we will align ourselves withe the earth, and slow down to notice the dousing rod of our interest and curiosity.  Listening to our bodies and the collective body, what happens when we trust our knowing and our not knowing ... and the golden thread of our deepest desire woven into the exquisite fabric of the universe?  What new patterns and possibilities emerge when we redesign the frame of our look?


Moving Deeper with Dance

with Elisha McMillan  | Saturday afternoon

Join us for a fun & invigorating workshop that will deepen your connection to your strength and personal power.  Through movement we will explore the core essence of our being, and how we can bring our uniqueness in collaboration with people, projects and Earth consciousness to create a more harmonious world.


Collaborating with the Universe, an exercise in listening

with Shelley Hannah  | Saturday afternoon

Do you feel like you`re going it alone in this life? Think again.  In this workshop you’ll be invited to open to a wider perspective, one in which you’ll be encouraged to consider that who you are & what you feel called to might in fact be the Universe acting through you.  And to notice the many creative ways it is always looking to encourage you and offer you support where you might not have thought to go looking for it.


Calling our Whole Selves Forth

with Shelley Hannah  | Sunday morning

By the time we reach adulthood, we’ve honed a few strengths ... and let a few aspects of ourselves be relegated to the dark and dusty corners of our inner closet.  In this delightfully playful and powerful workshop we will deeply acknowledge those parts of each other that we have come to love and appreciate, as well as call forth the quieter and shyer parts of the whole of who we are so that we might bring our full and creative self-expression to the visions that call us to make a difference.


Connection in Action

with Sandra Kahale | Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning


Your network is your most powerful source of inspiration, support, and synergies.  

  • Discover the 4 key types of connections that will help you achieve your personal, professional, and social goals.  
  • Learn simple tools that will help you build powerful, productive connections — and start creating them right on the spot!  
  • Commit to a simple practice that will help you develop deeper, more powerful connections in just 4 minutes a day.


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